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A500 original demo disks

Hope someone remembers these:

Way back in `87 when I bought my A500.. I got the usual stuff with it ( bought it
from Woolworths ) hheh anyway.. I got some demo disks with it, I think there were
about 12 - 15 and they were all numbered, and had different coloured labels.
remember these?? I`ve been after these for a few years now, I`ve tried everywhere
you can think of....
These demos were a bit of a and sound mainly.. one had the King
Tut pic, and another had a colour cycling demo of a waterfall... some had speech,
One I remember had a pic of a skier, and the sample went " be above the rest in
Colorado" and another had Spock saying something.

Hoping you remember them at least ( because everyone I`ve come across doesn`t
remember them at all ) I have one disk back at my parents place in the UK, but it`s
been written over.. and I would love to get my hands on these, in adf format.. just
for posterity
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