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This greedy bastard regularly uses a number of different accounts to flog copied stuff on ebay. I report all of his items on an almost daily basis, but ebay still doesn't take them off or ban his account - maybe more people reporting him will make them (ebay) pull their heads out of their arses.

He also currently trades as:


and has previously traded as 'pigsflyin2005', before that account was killed. His real name is John (lastname withheld in case of legal crap, but is ironic considering his un'Law'ful activity) and he lives in Hoppers Crossing ('A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy').

He has another ebay account buy I cannot recall offhand what it is.. I'll see if I remember later.

I feel sorry for the poor sod who only two days ago bought his kit (including burnt DVDs) for $75 with a 64MB CF card!

The worst bit has to be that I helped the prick out via email and phone for about 3 hours (coz he was too thick to work it out himself, even with the detailed step by step instruction manual (with pics!) I sent him) after I sold him an A1200 and a CF transfer kit. So I know he's selling copies of the PCMCIA install floppy and the instruction manual I made for him in the first place.

I've been tempted to put together 256MB transfer kits and advertise them on ebay for <$40 so everyone can see how much he's ripping them off for.

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