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> did you work on any unreleased games or were you in any way involved in anything unreleased?

Yes, many titles. The most important one as mentioned in some of the threads here was King's Ransom. The game was supposed to be some kind of sequel to Wrath of the Demon combining action and arcade-RPG elements. The game had a massive storyline with hundreds of different characters that you could interact with in many ways. The game had been in development for 2 years in parallel on Amiga and PC and was 85% done when it got unofficially "cancelled".

Another title was called TRIX. It was some original puzzle type game. The game was basically completed but unfortunately never got released. Maybe someday if time allows I'll code a PC version of it.

We also developped another yet unnamed one which was some kind of Smash TV clone and also one more which was a bit similar to Q*bert.

All those were done in the early 90s. Since then, there would be many more unreleased PC and console titles to list but that would be a bit off topic.

To be continued...

Pierre Proulx
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