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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Hmmmmmm this is an interesting question....

hmmm heres a couple i cannot choose between

Alien Breed (similar to guantlet on the PS2 )

Captive ( i have some yummy things planned for this )

A Decent UFO X-com enemy unknown where its got like a blend of space hulk / ufo / aftermath

3D Road Kill
MMmmmmm 3d multi-player mayhem! with missiles and guns and all sorts

Vector-bit-mapped-based Skidmarks with over 1,000 tracks 100 trophy titles and MEGA multiplayer all this combined with racing card destruction kit! (loved that game on the 64!)

2D Super Flashback!

slightlyer tastier gfx + awsome sounds by rahpel! sorta improved engine combine with great storyline!
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