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Originally Posted by superBuster
he/she can get away with is becasue nobody has told ebay that he/she is selling pirated software. I personaly could care less. Not going to buy and glad to know the real cost, but honestly for a noob this might be easy and quick way to get things up and working... some people have more money than time/skill.
Alright, Alright.


[edit] I was more than willling to let the Auction expire (AGAIN) Who on earth RELISTS the same item that didnt sell previously, for MORE ?

[edit2] Woohoo, success.

I emailed the seller, "Reminding" them that offering the OS was an act of copyright infringement, and was the ORIGINAL disk also supplied.
Here is the reply.

""Well then you know how much the Original OS is!!! In that case you will
not get the Original sent in that auction at that price!!! What i have for
sale is a IDE hard drive connector With a Compact Flash card & I don't state
3.9, i realized what you are saying when i checked my auction the other day
& changed it. you either seen it before it went through ebay changes has it
does not say that when you look now!!!! I do have the original OS 3.9 but
when i sell that it will be in it's own seperate auction. Or you can make
an offer for it???? BUT it won't be cheap!!!!""

So I offered her/him/it AU$10

Funnily enough, they have *ALTERED* the auction

[Next edit]

ooooohhhhhhhh I hit a nerve.

""Yeah deposit it into my account!!!! By the way you are wrong you can sell
OS without Original Product if it is already installed on a hard drive & you
don't want it beacause it is too small for your uses. has you can see there
are 2 other auctions with 3.1 OS installed on the hard drive & they are not
the only ones there have been heaps sold over the years with os installed
has long has you don't include other software with it that could be
copyrighted!!!! let me know when you want to deposit the $150.00 for the

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