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hmmm. Now I'm completely stuck.

I've downloaded Netscape for Mac68k.

I open Winuae, open ShapeShifter, LAmiga+M out to Workbench and open the MAC dosdriver (to get the mac: disk).

Now. Default mode, according to the, is data-transfer, I believe. After copying the netscape.bin over to mac: the "mac" claims it's a text document.

So I use "Mac-Handler Mac: resource" command to change the forks that is copied, and lo and behold, the exact same message from the "mac"



Got it to work by using HFVExplorer under Windows. However: after installing Netscape, I tried to run it. It "fails to open a socket" although AWeb-APL finds things like this forum no problems.

Anything special in Shapeshifters config I need todo to get it to use the Amiga's socket?

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