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I was searching for something and found this by pure chance (thank google)..

To clear this mess up:

* There are two hidden parts on disc 2 of Desert Dream.
* Part two simply would not work when triggered, so the trigger was removed
* Part two is STILL on disc 2. Trouble is that nobody knows how much is left. If I remember correctly then part 2 would be right after part 1 on the disc. But as DD was still being made, its quite possible that some of it has been overwritten.
* (EDIT) Part two was REALLY hard to find, you had to press a couple of keys during a text fade out in part 1. So chances are nobody ever would have found it. Except if they looked at the code ofcourse. ;-)

I think I still have the code for this somewhere hidden away. But its a long shot finding it.. I can say that part 2 is amazingly funny and VERY much an Airwalk production.

A bit of sad news though. The A600HD on which much of both DD and the hidden part was made died 6 months ago.. cry..

Best regards to all of you..
Martin Gram (Vention / CNCD & Polka Brothers & Kefrens)
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