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Reply to Shadowfire

Lets again take a look at this point by point Shadowfire.

virtual memory= Memory is dirt cheap, who cares about VM, sure the Amiga has had hacks to support VM for years, its not part of the OS and I don't want it to be. Apps that need VM like ImageFX support it. Again lets please get off the VM kick 128MB of RAM is what $65?

memory protection= Sure it would be nice if the Amiga had this, MorphOS has it built in. Without it it forces Amiga coders to be very good at their craft. From an end-user standpoint if they run well behaved apps this is not a problem. Coders must work harder to learn their skills but I like this better than the lazy coders on the PC with their bloatware. Software like Executive on the Amiga lets you control the way apps behave. Even the creator of DirectX said PC coders are a lazy bunch of slobs and they don't optimize their code.

3D acceleration= It is built in Amiga OS 3.9, Warp3D.

Emulation= Sure emulation was going on in computer labs etc. before Amiga, but the Amiga made it well know. The first time many end-users were exposed to emulation was by seeing the Amiga emulate PC & Mac unless you want to count the hardware emulator add-on for the Coleco that let it run Atari 2600 games. When I worked for Commodore in the Phillippines I set up many Bridgecards 286 & 386. And an AMAX or two.

I will correct you because you are wrong about the acceptance about support for Cybergraphics, AHI etc. Many third party add-ons have wide acceptance. Developers have supported AHI, Cybergraphics, and to a lesser degree PowerPC for years. I believe Olif even updated the IFF standard in the new SDK for OS 3.9. Things like AHI, Cybergraphics, AVI & Quicktime playback, Winamp are included in the Amiga OS, have you never seen OS 3.9? Lots of cool stuff is now supported in the OS. It is modular though, you add what you want so the Amiga OS is not bloated. Workbench even supports AREXX now and has other cool new features.

DirectMusic= I know this is done by the ex-Blue Ribbion Soundworks guys, M$ knew value when they saw it. At least M$ gave us opensource Bars& Pipes Pro & SuperJam, I am sure the ex-Blue Ribbion guys have something to do with it. AHI is the Amigas DirectMusic.

Multiview= Lots of Amiga apps support datatypes not just Multiview. Photogentics, Personal Paint, TV Paint, Perfict Paint, Ami Writer etc. Plus there is Datacrome, it alows all Amiga apps to support datatypes.

MAME= Mame rules and it is coded by an Amiga oldtimer. We have versions for WarpOS and 68K that run fast on PPC. He did not code them but he still likes Amiga.

There is nothing wrong with having a PC if you have certain apps you like or need to run, I have one but I would never give up my Amiga's and go exclusively PC and Windows is not a real-time OS, that sucks.

Windows= It bores me, the KB Toys GUI facelift that M$ gave XP
is laughable, at least 98 looked like a business OS. They are trying to be a poor mans Mac OS X GUI wise. Mac OS X by the way has it's own issues such as sloooowness. I use Windows because of a few apps I like such as Quickbooks and Lightwave 7. Lightwave costs too much for my Sun Box but that is the version that is the faaastest. Because Sun Solaris OS supports up to 128 CPU's.

AmigaOS= I like the fact that it's tight well coded and small, you can add what you want and leave out the rest, and it boots in about 10 secs, cool. Also now the Amiga Video Toaster Flyer is open-source, the worlds first open source NLE.

Amiga's Shell= It's been updated in OS 3.9, has some cool new features you should check it out.

Windows XP= It breaks some apps and some hardware, I can't get Snappy to work right for example or the USB version of Dazzle is not supported. Play Inc. is out of business, it really helped them to go to PC instead of Amiga huh? (They used to be Digital Creations and Prime Image) No Gizmos98, Snappy upgrades will be forthcoming for XP, your just SOL.

LAN: My Amiga is on a LAN with my PC, Sun Box and SGI, it's nice to get the best of all worlds. I even boot BeOS on a rare blue moon but now they are dead as well. Well at least M$ can't put Linux out of business.

processor speed: If you are doing 3D rendering than the more the better, Sun Boxes have the most raw power when it comes to CPU speed because the OS can support so many.

The real quesion is how come my PC's OS is not real-time for basic functions, it goes 1200Mhz after all!
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