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Originally Posted by StingRay
If you can't let me know and I will code this little tool for you then.
Mhhhh !
My goal is just to make a little program that extract the command line to be executed contained in an .info file and print it to stdout.
I guess this is a small number of code line in C using the appropriate .library
Anyway I have no C compiler for amiga and the little C knowledge I had some time ago has gone on holiday.
I would use this program in order to easily run WHDload games just by typing a command in the folder of the game. The script would remove the QuitKey if any and set QuitKey=F10

If on a rainy day you have time to do this I would really appreciate.
Otherwise, could you point me what I need for quickly have a compiler with include files up and running ? I guess I can find all I want on aminet but I don't know what is the best and light C compiler out there and where to find the workbench include files if I need them.

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