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Are Blue Dorito's better than Spicey ones ?

Is Terminator 2 better than Terminator 1 ?

Who cares !!!!!

I love 'em all, and I am here on a Amiga board (so I must love the Amiga), but I'm using a Pee See to access the internet and a Pee See keyboard to type this!!.......I guess I must like a Pee See too ?

OK - I never ever wanted to like Pee See's......but the Amiga died.....ST was a no no no (but that died too anyway).......Macintosh was too expensive at the time, and too under-supported (still is!).......everything else was just a games console.

What choice did a sane computer user have ?

Sticking around waiting for the Amiga to do something was like trying to find your way out of Dave Pleasance's beard !

I am sorry oh Amiga.....I truly am. Blame Commodore. You almost had it all, but blew it.
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