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external floppy drives are..?

hello folks. I am not now an Amiga person, though I have owned and enjoyed several in the dim and distant, but, because I am known locally as a 'computer person' I have been asked to dispose of a fair amount of 'stuff' that belonged to a chap who died a couple of years back. Quite a bit of it is Amiga, but he collected all sorts of computers, from the year dot, some of which I had never heard of before I took this project under my wing.
Well, I am slowly finding happy homes for the various bits and pieces, via e-Bay mostly, and have now got to three external hard drives, which might have belonged to this guy, or might have come in from the last lot of stuff we got from the University. I suspect they might be Amiga as they have a 23 pin d-type connector ( male) on the lead, with a female connector on the back of the drive,and a little switch. There is nothing to say who made them or what machines they are intended for, except that one has 'Power Drive' written on it and 'made in UK'. They are standard beige in colour.
So my question is
a) are they Amiga ( or Amstrad?)
b) is it worth putting them on eBay?

thank you very much for any help you can give
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