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birdy: its absolutely funny to see people who think that an Amiga could do all the things a PC can do, without the same bloatage that a PC has.

pyro: despite that there are 3rd party items, virtual memory, memory protection, multiprocessing, 3D acceleration, are not OS-supported items and by extension do not have any type of significant application support. you've provided a lot of examples of 3rd party hacks (yes, hacks) which implement various bits & pieces, but none of them are even close to widely supported, much less >>supported by AmigaDOS<<. memory protection simply isn't possible without a total rewrite of all applications, since different tasks in AmigaDOS routinely walked each other's & system library linked lists, also the device i/o structures were accessed by different processes, not to mention you could pass a pointer to some memory you allocated -- whoops, memory sharing violation again. also you can slam VM for being slow, but its a hell of a lot better than *NOT* having virtual memory. also if you think "the amiga was first with emulation" give me some of whatever you've been smoking, emulation has been used in the computer industry looooong before the Amiga was even an idea, even at Commodore they did their C-64 OS development on their mainframe using a 6502 emulator long before the hardware was finished. finally, you left out in your reply is that all the programs you cited are 3rd party programs, none of which (let me qualify this -- and you can correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe I am) have anything close to general acceptance. When Commodore left town, there was nobody to set standards (like IFF). Basically the only thing you can *count* on someone having if they're serious about using their Amiga is some sort of processor accelerator.

twist: yes pc compatibility has finally been MOSTLY dropped. its a good thing, too (IMO). BTW I've been running Windows2000 ever since they released SP1, and haven't had 2nd thoughts about going back to Win98 or NT4, and I would suggest that you try Win2000 instead of XP. XP pro has some nice points too though, but I haven't upgraded because of MS's WPA, and make no plans to until they stop treating me like a child. since DirectX7, music has been directly supported by the OS, I would suggest (if you have broadband) downloading the DirectX7 or 8 SDK and checking out the docs on "DirectMusic".

multiview, yes, isn't that the application that lets you open any type of picture? Did any other program actually use datatypes? That must have been a post-Commodore addition to the OS.

i used to miss the shell. in fact i do occasionally bail out to the dos prompt to edit scripts and such (my MAME cabinets run under DOS so I still have to deal with that) but i realized that what i really missed from the shell was pattern-matching. that was remedied once i found out about the built-in "search" function of windows. alias is a great addition to a shell (as it saves keystrokes), but when you're working with the GUI or Explorer it's really not neccessary. heck you can pretty much emulate the "ASSIGN" command with the "Map Network Drive" tool in Explorer (or the NET USE command if you wanna use the command prompt) as long as you have any kind of networking set up. if you're really chafing on the limitations of windows, theres probably something you don't know about it. i can't think of any common CLI commands on the Amiga that I miss. heck, explorer integration even makes manipulating compressed archive files relatively easy.

finally, say what you may about processor speed, there's never enough and you always want more. come on, admit it.
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