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Thanks a lot for signing up here and answering questions Really awesome of you!

I have an additional question unrelated to the game - how do you feel about games these days compared to games back then?
Personally I find games from that period to be much more addictive and fun than most of the stuff released these days. I also happen to think old games often have a lot more charm to them as well.

Oh and how do you feel about the kind of copy protection you used in that game? I really dislike copy protection like that as it limits the longevity of the game to the durability of the media it's stored on. I don't think of games as stuff you play until you're tired of them and then throw them away, I like to keep them and play them again years and years later (as you've probably guessed from my Youtube longplays ).
I do of course understand the need for copy protection and I don't blame anyone for using it, I just don't like it

It's the same thing today but at least CDs and DVDs last longer than floppies normally.. but I still really dislike it. I think people should have the right to make backups of their games and not have it limited to the media it came on. Too bad there are so many pirates

Also, who's idea was it to make the last level sort of a maze? I think that level was a lot of fun to complete, it's been a long time since I've actually had to draw a map in a game

If you're curious, here's the map I drew, I think it's pretty accurate -

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