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> why was the game so difficult and did you ever complete it?

To be honest, I played the game so much while I was coding it that I didn't realize how hard it was for newcomers. For me, the game difficulty was challenging but not to the extreme and I could complete the game very easily. Although, I think we should have gotten more feedback from testers but the release date got changed and we ended up with no time at all for additional testing.

> while you were coding it, did you think it would be a runaway success like Shadow of the Beast?

Since it was our first game, I was hoping for the best but I seriously didn't have any idea how well it would be received. It only became clear to me when the game got released and we started seeing excellent reviews in the gaming press.

> did you ever consider making studio tracks for the CDTV version of was it more of an afterthought?

We did consider it but we had a request from Commodore to bundle our game with CDTV units and time was too short to redo the soundtrack and match with their release schedule.

To be continued...

Pierre Proulx
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