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Hello everyone!

Nice to see that there's still people interested in my game after so long... (17 years already). As I mentioned to laffer, watching his longplay was for me like traveling back in time to those days (and nights) when I was designing, coding and even testing that game. It's been so long that I forgot most of the technical details but I'll do my best with what I can remember.

Now, let's start with some of your questions:

> are there any cheatcodes for the game?

Unfortunately no... Only load & save games.

> on which hardware the game was developed? Bog standard A500/2000/3000 or something else? And how long did it take to code from start to end and did you have to make many custom tools for it?

For most of the development, I was using a basic A500 with a Trumpcard HD. Near the end, I moved to an A2000 equiped with a 68030 card. The game took approximately a year and a half to make, considering this was my first attempt at coding a commercial product. Like many games back then, the entire game was coded in 68k Assembly. No custom tools were required for making the game.

> did you spend a lot of time creating the copy protection for the game and can you tell a little bit about how it worked?

The copy protection was very similar to some of the other Readysoft titles like Dragon's Lair. It was mostly handled by David Foster who was already familiar with it. It was added at the very end. The disk format used longtracks and to make it a bit more challenging for hackers, many levels of the game used different checksums so the game had to be played through before you could be sure you had a 100% cracked copy. From what I remember, the copy protection did pretty well since it took a few weeks before the game reached pirate boards when most games back then were pirated within a few hours or their release.

To be continued in the next post...

Pierre Proulx
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