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I suggest Moonstone, Golden Axe, Sensible Soccer, North and South, Super Tennis Champs, Qwak, The Chaos Engine, Shadow Fighter, Body Blows, Rod Land, Arcade Pool, Bubble Bobble, Space Crusade, Heroquest, Midnight Resistance, Pang, SWIV, Second Samurai, Gloom, Lotus 1&2...

If you have two Amigas and a link cable, try Populous, Powermonger, Knights Of The Sky, Stunt Car Racer etc.

There are lots of good shareware ones too - Bip, Extreme Violence, Super Foul Egg, Gravity Power, Knights, Knock Out, Master Blaster, Scorched Tanks, Tankkk, Trick Or Treat, Gun Fighter, Parachute Joust...
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