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Originally Posted by superBuster
hmmmm, they don't own any content....
They are offering a delivery method for content owners to sell their games through them.

Originally Posted by superBuster
they will host OS1.3 and 3.1?
Get real! G.A.M.E.S. Home Entertainment etc.

Originally Posted by superBuster
beside it makes sense with the Wii, but to buy/rent at set top box to play old games you can run better in uae?
Either you are very THICK or very naive. They aint going after the minority (i.e. geeks like you & me) who know this stuff is free on the net. They are also not going for people who dont already have the hardware.

They are going after the MAJORITY which are ordinary people who have a set-top-box in their home because they have cable or satellite. The hardware is free with their subscription TV package which they happily pay for to watch LOST and 24 etc. There are about 20x-30x more STB's in homes than any Wii, PS3 or XBOX360 combined!

The idea, the platform AND the buisness is VERY VERY real and if they could pull it off it would be a nice little earner. However the content is very very old, most kids over 8-9 would look at it and go "yeah whatever, where is the 3D?" and the set-top-boxes are so underpowered for emulation.

That said people still play the lame VERY slow Java games which are installed on most set-top-boxes, enough to make those companies millions of dollars a year!

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