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Re: Bloodwych

Originally posted by Pyromania
Bloodwych, nice nick. I remember playing that game and enjoying it. I did not finish it like you did but I had fun playing it. Captive was another cool game of that gender and one of my fav similar games was Kult, Weird but cool game, I did finish that one.
Thanks Pyromania, Bloodwych is my all time fave game!

I first played a 2-player demo on a magazine cover disk and was hooked. Bought it as soon as it was released, a week later a friend and myself had finished it by playing for hours every night after school.

We'd have finished it sooner, but we couldn't resist having fights and killing one another! Actually, for nostalgia we had a Bloodwych marathon about a three years ago where we attempted to finish the game in under 24 hours! It was fantastic, and we were both surprised how well we remembered the map layout. In fact, I think I know the entire dungeon off by heart.

I then finished it once more with my brother five months ago because he'd never reached the end.

My original disk is looking a bit old (box and manual as good as new) now and has seen some serious use over the years, yet still works. Luckily I have the HD version as well for that fateful day when it dies

Mead, n'egg, murlock (my AV), asteroth, sir edward, megrim, zaspath, zothan, ulrick, disrupt, arc bolt, summon and key words such as these I shall never forget.

Recently became stuck on the data disk (could have sworn I finished it 10 years ago) as told in a post in the nostalgia section, and it seems no one has an answer. Might be a bug in the game...........

Take a look at this:

Bloodwych Shrine

Bloodwych HD versions are also provided!

Some Bloodwych vocab:

"Come and join my Merry band"

"thou seems most wart like"

"thou art an utter bumblefoot"

"thou toad"

"thou seems unusually splendid"

I used sayings such as these once for insults in online quake multiplayer. My name was of course Bloodwych.

PS I rant on like this whenever anyone takes an interest in this game, be warned!

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