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Originally Posted by Mick_AKA
Have to admit i've been guilty of throwing away allot of amiga stuff, from about 1995-'98 I couldnt give most of my Amiga bits away, ive taken 1200's 2000's and coutless 500's and 500+'s down to the local council tip
OMG 10 lashes to your back

When I dumped my 1200 back in 1999 I gave all this to the local cash convertors;

Commodore 1084ST
All my beloved games (must've been 50 or so)
Ram/FPU card
External drive

I accepted £40 from them at the time

To this day I cannot forgive myself for letting it all go. At least my 500 got recycled when I exchanged it for the 1200 in 93 or 94 I think...

Now I have more Amiga's than ever so I am happy again but I do miss my original gear

I only I had a time machine
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