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Hombre v0.4b in The Zone!

It's finally here! for features/bugs/future/credits

You'll also need Alkonst Maxformat if you want to format 720kb floppies under WinXP or FMT (in the Zone).

UserPort is essential if you wanna use paradise under WinXP (zoned; check out my other thread for details ->

Still no docs apart for the ones distributed with the programs I've included in the package (again the zone's your friend).

When Hombre boots up it asks you to choose a boot mode mode. If you need plenty of memory type 'y' and press ENTER (you've got 5 seconds) or simply press ENTER to boot the standart mode.

To get an idea of what kind of aliases are available type 'alias >ram:alias' and 'run more ram:alias'. f1 means you can press F1 to issue the command and sf1 means that you have to use the SHIFT+F1 combination.

Step by step guides to various tranfer methods should be available on Moday.

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