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Originally Posted by blade002
Got my 1st Amiga when i was 17 in 1990. When it got to the year the PS1 came out, all my friends either ditched the Amiga for the PC or PS1 or they just plain stopped with the whole thing altogether.

With me though however, i just had absolutely no interest at all in the PS1 or PC, and i just couldnt see how anyone could just up and leave a machine like the Amiga?. In the end i stuck with my Amiga till the year 2000 non stop in the hope also that a company would pick up the pieces and move the Amiga forward.

I knew that day would never come so i bought a PC. Still use my Amiga now though

So my timeline was 1990 - 2000. 10 years of constant use from the A500 till 1993, and the A1200 for the remaining 7 years till 2000.
Man that is eerily familiar.

Got my a500 xmas 1990, used it almost daily until 1993 when i sold it and got a 1200. Used that daily until 2000 when i gave it away and purchased a pc, but I regretted it almost immediately and got another.. now i have plenty

So 1990-2000 constant, since 2000 constant everyday (winuae) or booting the real thing!
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