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Amiga OS3.9 - Invalid Resident Library

Hi, having some problems with a clean install of os3.9.

I have a 4000T with CS060/SCSI - fresh 4gb partition on a clean bootable drive.

Because it is clean and cannot boot the cd, I created the emergency boot disk which boots up into workbench 3.9 from a copy of the emergency-boot folder from the cd which is held on the hdd - again to avoid problems with the cd.

So no problems there.

Problem is once I had managed that, I went through the install, which duly populated the hdd but it will not boot. Each time I get invalid resident library. ROMS are def 3.1 and I tried replacing the rom update file with the one from emegency-boot - in fact I tried all sorts and nothing works, just get invalid resident library which means no wb

Can anyone help? My knowledge is a bit thin - new amiga after having retired them for a good number of years!
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