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Originally Posted by gordonbennett
but I ask when were the times you were interesed inm amigas. dont you stop during the PS1 days then return etc?
Good thread idéa!
I can pretty much pinpoint my amiga interest since it coincides with my (then unhealthy) gaming obsession.

Start, early 91

Lemmings , my first "faking going to sleep playing all night" game

Peak, late 92, 93
Pinball drams (Fairlight crack) AND Civilization in short time
Recorded the the game music and had it with my brand new "walkman"

Decline, 95
Realized that girls were more interesting then amiga games. Got to play Doom2 death match on LAN and Wingcommander 4, gaming on a new level.

Death, late 95
Realized that getting drunk was the most cool thing you could do, not playing amiga and that teh internets had guitar tabs.

Revival 2002ish
It wasn't untill I got a hold of AIAB with winUAE I returned to Amiga and bought myself a CD32..I've also realized that I could get drunk with my GF and get my ass kicked in dynablaster. Thereby combining the best of all worlds.

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