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TOSEC issues with FAT32 Limits, use NTFS

Originally Posted by gizmomelb
I just bought a new HDD so I decided to upgrade to the latest TIM (0.6.12) and re-scan my collection late last night (around midnight).. it was still going strong at only 43% completed at 8am this morning and I've got a huge lot of missing files.
You need to be very carefull with TOSEC and large collections of ROMS (in the same directory). I came across this problem with my Amiga disk images.

If your hard disk is formatted as FAT32 then it seems to run into difficulties when you have around 10,500 files, which is about 8.88GB (for Amiga ADFs).

Windows will not allow any more files to be put in this directory, however TOSEC will keep "moving" files to that directory and delete the originals, but they'll never arrive in the new location .

I guess you could try recover to these with some undelete software.

If you format your hard drive as NTFS then you shouldn't have this problem.

Just to be safe, always backup your collection before letting some program take control of them!
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