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I have also made this same thread on amigaworld. some peoples convinced me that when using a modem/router (whao made pppoe and dhcp), the miamidx side must be on static mode only.

now, I use:

-all in static mode.
-tcpip settings/give the gateway a dynamic DNS: ignore
-database/dns (the 16dns provided by my FAI).
-I have added the adress on my modem/router but don't know if usefull.

the result.

the connection is better. there is no some seconds wait with ibrowse blus square on channels before dowbloading the page. the blue square for ibrowse channel are allways here but diseapeared immediately.

the modem/router found immediately 2 of the 16 dns entered in static mode on database/dns and the connection work the first time (and no need to switch off and on one time).
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