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@Burseg: Well, if you mean requesting for the game in any way, whether it be directions to a buy link/place which has it or asking them to upload the full game to their site, then I guess so.

I was kinda hoping they would provide a full download though, considering that since I have no idea how it plays (there was no demo or anything) I am not sure whether it really is worth paying money for a game I don't know much about except for a few screenshots and the fact it exists.

I was told that "the game is still supported and sold" blah blah blah, but where? That's the main thing, where? I looked at CDAccess and the EA Store, both gave me nada results. I looked all around Westwood's site for details (where it could be bought, is it still supported) on the game and (after wading through pointless ads for Renegade and Red Alert 2 + expansion pack), with the exception of a measly press release from their report archives, the game is never even namechecked in any major section, let alone have a page on it. There's a Command & Conquer Universe page (a place explaining all the C&C games made & released) which mentions all the major games but foolishly leaves out Sole Survivor for some incomprehensible reason. This must mean nearly everyone, if not all, at Westwood must not even know about the existence of this game. GameSpot have a page on it, at least. That's big enough proof for ya that the game came about.

I mentioned about Westwood's lack of info on the game on the HOTU forum but I was told to just e-mail the company themselves and find out from them. Bah, I thought, as if the company would even know, or care for that matter, about Sole Survivor - they don't have a page on it in their C&C page, so why should I even bother them?
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