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Wink Just my 2cent

First of all, I like to welcome Pyromania ! Welcome to this great board, bringing back all those memories and tries to bring back the good old times ! Ey, wait a minute !!! Why bring them back ?? Iīm still in it I just did something I allways wanted to do, but never managed before : I SOLD MY PC (PIII 600Mhz.) !! Why ?? Well, I just build up an A2000 (out of ruins) with a 040, EGS Grafix card, 40MB Ram, 2 x 2Gig HD and a cool little 19" Monitor hanging on it I just realized, that all the things I did with my PC are also possible with that A2000 (well, I knew that before, but I never got any Amiga with a Grafix Card ) like listening to mp3īs, surfing the Internet or viewing mpg movies ! Now I only use a PC at Work, well the money has to come from somewhere, does it ? I also plan to install myself Linux on that Amiga and get access to the really big software pool of Linux apps. Thatīs all for now, have fun at the board and as I said before : ONLY MY 2 CENT
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