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Wink Just my 2cent

First of all, I like to welcome Pyromania ! Welcome to this great board, bringing back all those memories and tries to bring back the good old times ! Ey, wait a minute !!! Why bring them back ?? I´m still in it I just did something I allways wanted to do, but never managed before : I SOLD MY PC (PIII 600Mhz.) !! Why ?? Well, I just build up an A2000 (out of ruins) with a 040, EGS Grafix card, 40MB Ram, 2 x 2Gig HD and a cool little 19" Monitor hanging on it I just realized, that all the things I did with my PC are also possible with that A2000 (well, I knew that before, but I never got any Amiga with a Grafix Card ) like listening to mp3´s, surfing the Internet or viewing mpg movies ! Now I only use a PC at Work, well the money has to come from somewhere, does it ? I also plan to install myself Linux on that Amiga and get access to the really big software pool of Linux apps. That´s all for now, have fun at the board and as I said before : ONLY MY 2 CENT
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