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yeah you can wish that, but MS's OS's provide about 2,000,000 times more functionality than AmigaDOS ever did. you can't get that added functionality without adding code.

bash all you want, but Ami never had OS support for 3D acceleration, multiprocessing, virtual memory, PC compatibility, scanners, cameras, weird joysticks, video-in capture cards (no there was *NO* *OS* support), better-than-stereo sound, playing music CD's, no common interface for programming SCSI/IDE hardware (SCSIDirect died before it really had a chance), alternative input devices, memory protection, tape backup units, zip drives, music generation, OLE, etc.

thats a *small* part of some of the features supported by Win2000/XP that are not supported by AmigaDOS, I haven't even delved into most of the MSFC functionality (a lot of which is unavailable on the Amiga, meaning that you would have to roll out a LOT of your own code to try & get similar functionality).

in summary, there's a huge amount of code which causes all the much ballyhooed "bloat", but its all this code which makes Windows programs interoperate so well, which is functionality that the Amiga never saw, even with ARexx (although ARexx was a great stab at it).

so by all means, if you want to be locked into pre-yesterdecade's hardware and software, the Amiga is an excellent choice.
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