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I have not bought iFusion because it is $150 dollars and I can't think of any Mac apps that I have to run. Almost all Mac apps are available for PC so why bother? I would like to know how well iFusion runs on PPC Amiga's it is cool that you can run PowerMac on the Amiga if you need too. I am still going to look around for a cheap Mac Cube, cool little box too bad Apple killed it. Mac OS X is no Amiga but it is Unix and has some cool features. Mac had to start over, Mac OS X is based on Next, it runs old Mac apps though emulation or you can dual boot but why bother? Mac OS 9 can't multi-task and is old and crusty. If anyone wants to see what a Mac Cube looks like check out this link.

It is still a bit on the high price side, I will only get one if I get a good deal like I got on my SGI. It is a G4 based machine with Mac OS X so it is not an old Mac beast.
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