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> Well, it *may* use the same type of CPU,

It definately runs the same CPU ;-)

> but it´s NOT capable of running Mac OS !

Not officially, but as the sources of the MacOS X kernel (Darwin) are available to the public,
it would be possible to adopt it to the AmigaOne. This is how the Mac freaks make OS X run on Macs
not officially supported (like old PowerMacs upgraded with G3/G4 accellerator cards...

I don't know about the AmigaOne, but this exact approach is planed for the other Next-Generation
Amiga, the Pegasos (*not* officially of course ;-)

> And Mac Programs will only be available through emulation ...

Right. And a PPC Mac Emulator already exists (iFusion). But this one only runs MacOS 9.
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