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Your right the C64 was a killer machine for its time, I had one and still have an SX-64. I never had the 128, moved right to the Amiga from the C64. I sold my C64 but picked up a used SX-64 later because a missed the C64. Try to find a mint A1000 if you can, kool machine to own. Mine looks kind of old so I am looking for a mint one as well. I always emulated the Mac but laughed at its limited OS. Now Mac OS X is based on Unix so even I am looking around for a used Mac Cube. The Mac Cube was the coolest Mac why did Apple kill it? Fools, just like they killed the Newton which was also cool, I have 2 of them. Anyone try iFusion? It is an iMac emulator for Amiga's with Phase 5 PowerPC cards.

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