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Welcome Pyromania to this great board

As for the real war, Amiga vs. PC, well for me it never was one. I have had both Amiga's and PC's co-existing in my household for years, actually 15+ to be more precise. In fact I come from old school you couls say.

Back in the mid-late 70's, ooops dating myself aren't I , I cut my teeth on the trash 80 model 1 and 2. Also found myself, regretably, using an Apple IIe. I finally came into the light and started to use the CBM PET and then the Vic-20 then the killer box a C64. Graduated to the C128, then a 128-D now there was a machine. Finally the Amiga 1000 and so on down the line. You could say I was a Commodore junky.

I do however regret selling my 1000 and then my 2500, but because I had 2 accelerated 500's and a 4000 it didn't hurt as bad. But still I think I may start scavenging around for the other models as well.

Geez, I even bought myself a MAC clone, a Powercenter from Power Computing. They all live happily in the household and all I need is a NIC for the 4000 to get it online, the null-modem config is too slow for all the files I want to copy.
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