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I sent an email a while back before the move asking about bandwidth details of dream17 as I was going to offer to host it. Never got a reply :/ However now i see your requirement I'll put in an offer. I run the ExoticA site btw

I do not have unlimited bandwidth but could offer some hosting for the site also, but not wanting to step on toes, the abime offer is very good ;-)

I can also do a similar offer as abime, although bandwidth is not "unlimited" on my server and I would need to key an eye on this if it went out of control. (But for example if the site did 20-30gb a month it would be ok.

You can use your dream17 domain.

Latest php/mysql etc. You will have a page for phpmyadmin and webstats. I can also handle mail for this domain if you wish (pop3(s)/imap(s)/webmail)

No banner adverts, but if you want to flog some tshirts or take some donations that's ok. You can donate some to the hosting in that case though ;-)

There is one caveat for me hosting it though and that is the footer of every page needs to say something like "Hosting provided by ExoticA and Mythic-Beasts. See the Hosting Information page for more details." Text link is fine, it doesn't need to be a banner or anything. Reason being is much of the bandwidth is sponsored by the company who hosts my machine, and this was their requirement (ExoticA also has these links)

Anyway. now you even more choice. The abime offer is very good too though.

[edit] oh you can contact me at buzz[at]

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