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I went through HOL for 97 releases

and heres the ones atleast I can comment on.


was a nice involving game... and for an ecs game it have quite some graphical depth! although a little linear compared to say some rpg's
like isharr or eob, it had something that i felt was lacking from hiemdal 2.

Final Oddesy

Yhis i felt was a little over looked at the time, (addmittedly chrono-trigger had absorbed my life at this point in time) its a classic in its
own right, it has elements of "into the eagles nest" combined with a feel
of guantlet and obviously some of Peter Spinaze flair! some great puzzles, if only this game had been released a year or two earlier!


(i hear you groan now...) but some never got to play it on the PC and although i was not one of them I felt click-boom did a very good conversion of the game for at the time a limmited graphical capability..
its a shame that 2 and 3 never got converted!

PD / Shareware Respects for 97!


this is a game innitially didn`t click with me, but after a while I got used to the poly environment with the cartoonic overlay its quite a fun game, and if not a little tricky when gunning your oponent down (okay maybe an 060 made it a little to quick to paly) but its quite a polished game for a PD/Shareware title!

Zdzislav: Hero of the galaxy

This is quite an amusing game, if not a little frustrating, technically pushes the AGA a bit but with an 040/060 its ALMOST playable LOL. its a good chuckle, If the developer had a smidge of commercial backing this could well of been THE game for 97
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