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Thanks for the warm welcome guys, it is good to see so my great Amiga owners and developers in one place! It always shocks me to see Amiga owners selling their Amiga's and crying how they are loosing their beloved Amiga but must go PC. Can't they keep both machines? Nothing wrong with having a PC if you must but why give up your Amiga? I need a PC myself for Quicken Quickbooks so I can run my Video Toaster/Amiga sotware business but I would never sell my A4000T 60/PPC because I have a PC. If you start collecting more than one computer it is time to setup a LAN not time to sell your Amiga stuff.

I have no love of Windows and only installed WindowsXP on my PC because it came with WindowsME which is the worst version of Windows ever made! If you have 98SE working never get WinME it is garbage and M$ admits it. As far XP goes it violates lots of privacy and has it's own problems. I have a Cisco router and a hardware based Firewall so the weaknesses of XP on my machine should not affect me. I dual boot with Linux Mandrake anyway and can run Quickbooks via WINE finally!(Lets you run some Windows apps under Linux without using Windows at all) so If my XP died I doubt I would losse much sleep over it. Sure I use WinUAE but I just got the Linux version of UAE and going to try that, plus I got the real thing! A4000T 060/PPC w/ Video Toaster, CD32, A1200, CDTV, A1000. I still need an A600, A2000 A3000 and a mint A1000.

I enjoy computer hardware and computers. I also love Unix since that is what I do at my full time job. I have SGI O2 and a Sun machine at home on my LAN but the Amiga is my fav. My friends that I grew up with in Ohio used to give me a hard time in the early 90's when I went back to visit because I used Amiga. I told them computers are more than just boring spreadsheets and typing. Today they tell me how ahead of the times us Amiga owners were and I have got some of them running UAE. They talk about editing video on their machine and multi-tasking, hmmm sounds like what I told them in 1992. The Amiga changed the way people think about computers and what they do. I wish it would get more credit for that. Even Linux could learn from the Amiga, the Amiga is more elegant and forgiving and easy for newbies vs Linux. Also Linux lacks a killer app until you count WINE but that just lets it run Windows apps without giving M$ any money. It is API compatible with Windows and M$ can't change those API's or all Windows software would not run, haha Microsoft. For those of you that used to read Amazing Computing I was the last Bandito before they closed shop. I also wrote for Amiga Informer and Newtekniques. With all the hacking going on with Amiga websites (Why?) we Amiga users need to stick together. If a PC user hates Amiga why waste time hacking Amiga websites? Why not use his beloved PC and leave Amiga owners alone?
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