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  • In its current form Dream17 uses approximately 2.1 GB of space, and we'd probably be looking at more as we still have CD32 games we don't yet have up on the site.
  • Er... *lots*. Certainly before we put the Worms 3D/Worms4 patches up we were approaching the 10 GB per month mark, and this would've gone further.
  • I can confirm, as can Martyn Brown at Team 17, that all of the APFs, IPFs and ISos we have are fully authorised. We are also an authorised mirror for current game patches.

* Adam emailed the company to say, in brief, “You’ve got no legal grounds to demand Ben removes the files, so put the site back up or we’ll take the legal action.”
* “Robert” at Heart says, “Remove the files.”
* Adam informs him that we can offer conclusive evidence that we have authorisation to host such files.
* “Robert” at Heart says, “Remove the files.”
* Adam says, “You didn’t answer my question.”
* “Robert” at Heart says it’s irrelevant as such files are against the Terms & Conditions of hosting.
* I ask “Why?”. Robert can’t actually hear me, and Adam says Heart refuses to speak to me because I am “just” the end-user. What a lovely company.
* Adam asks "Robert" to say what terms and conditions specifically have we broken.
* "Robert" at Heart refuses to say what they are. Possibly he has made up some new terms and conditions just to bugger us about a bit more.

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