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OK, I just wanted to welcome Pyromania to the EAB. I met him back in California in the early 90's when he called my Amiga BBS, buzzed me up for chat and filled a request from my wants list (Racter). Then we met and attended the first Amiga vs. IBM Bash where we demolished the local 'beamers' (especially with him there, since he was doing all of the demos of the Amiga's power).

Soon, we were doing some major swapping (an enormous chunk of my collection came from him and his massive collection) and he was inducted into our local swapping club. Then, when my co-sysop and I had a falling out, he became the new co-sysop of my BBS, House of Frankenstein. We had lots of fun attending Amiga shows, taking trips to L.A. to buy European Amiga magazines or to grab the latest stuff from some of the sysops there. I never had to bother being knowledgable about hardware, because he was always there with the information, or he would come by and make the stuff work for me. He convinced me to give up ClickDOS II and graduate up to Directory Opus. And we never lost the PC vs Amiga fights online because he knew more about the PC than the local PC geeks did! And it seems he still keeps up with what is happening in the PC world.

During the glory days, I remember Paradox (that was his nick then) got stationed to Saudi Arabia. I will always remember his famous quote when he returned to the US: "I'm glad to be back here so I can get back to the real war (Amiga vs. PC)..." He also used to write a column in our club newsletter, and has also had articles published in some US publications, as well (like Amiga News).

He is a hardware guru of sorts, as far as knowing what is what and troubleshooting, so if anyone has any questions about what the Amiga can/can't do, what a piece of hardware is or does, or most anything else, direct it his way.

Welcome to EAB, dude!
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