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Originally Posted by thinlega
I have always known about QUAK on the amiga. But I had a strange feeling I had seen it before?! .... until I realised it was on my old BBC
Yup, quite interesting really, just how much the game changed from the BBC version to the Amiga version. I tried to keep the essense of the game the same, same frantic out of the frying pan and in to the fire game-play. But really it turned out to be a very different game (for the best I feel).

I've got the same dilema again, with this new PC version; how much do I change and how much do I keep the same. I really want to improve on the Amiga version, but it's real tricky, don't want to upset the finely tuned balance of the game. Well, makes sense to me. Finger crossed huh?
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