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Amiga Hall of Fame 1997 Nominations

Amiga Hall of Fame 1997 Nominations. For those people who are new to EAB I have put together a list of previous winners;

Previous Winners:
85/86: Defender of the Crown
87: Arkanoid
88: IK+
89: Elite
1980’s Winner was: IK+ (just a bit of fun that poll)

90: Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
91: Turrican II
92: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
93: Cannon Fodder
94: Sensible World of Soccer
95: Worms!
96: Slam Tilt

Again please be nice and keep you nominations to a MAXIMUM of 10 per person, although I don’t think many people will find that many to nominate. You can do an advanced search on HOL for games released in 1997 if you need a list or use the link below.

HOL 1997

BEWARE, re-releases and aga/cd32 versions of older games do not count as new games for 1997 and are therefore not eligible for entry. Unless they have been both altered by a large amount and you can convince the rest of us to allow it in. Watch out for the Civilization compilation, thats not allowed as the games were originally released before 1997.

I’ll let this run about a week or until it looks like it done, then I’ll create the poll for the vote. So off you go…

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