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Another Amiga is the best PC sux thread!!

The brilliance of the Amiga OS truly amazes me. It’s so simple yet so powerful.

After using an A4000 with Picasso96 and all the Workbench add-ons (a bit like AIAB) it really got my mind ticking on the question what if?

I mean here is a machine 10 years old with barely the CPU power of an ancient 486SX processor, no swap file usage, an 8 year old dinosaur VGA chip, decade old custom chipset, 16Mb RAM (with the OS only using 2MB, or a few hundred kilobytes with WB3.1!!!!) looking and feeling modern.

Compare how well this has aged to an equivalent PC of it’s time with it’s DOS reliance/problems, interrupt problems, crappy non-multitasking windows 3.11, no plug and play, compatibility issues – you get the idea. The only way the PC has come close to the Amiga is through raw CPU power and lots of software work-a-rounds that require 256MB RAM and 2000MIPS just to get going. In comparison, a fully “bloated” Amiga OS like outlined on the A4000 above can still operate on 2MIPS and 4MB RAM (A1200).

As far as I’m concerned the world has become too reliant on pure power masking an out-dated POS platform. You only have to look around computer forums for the huge problems created by modern hardware and understand the shear resources an OS has to use in order to make PCs operate.

Fact is the PC is an ancient design masking its weak architecture with bloatware software, powerful CPUs and modern video chips. It’s crippled by its quest for backwards compatibility to a design that should have died out ages ago. Essentially, it’s screaming for a complete redesign/fresh start.

So I ask again what if?

What if the Amiga never went under?

What if its hardware was developed even up to this day?

What if workbench had continued to grow?

The fact is that the Amigas hardware and Workbench were so in tune with one-another they worked as one - it could offer true multitasking, plug and play compatibility, accessibility and more with as little as a few KB of RAM!! Incredible. It was a design far in advance of its time and I can only shudder to think what a modern day Amiga would have been like.

Imagine an Amiga with 128 bit QCS (Quantum chipset) , upgradeable RAM slots, 64-bit card slots, a 3000MIPS socket CPU and a socket GPU dedicated for 3D intensive tasks. All this without the crippling weaknesses of a PC and the strengths of the good old Amiga.

As we know, Commodore never worried too much about 100% backwards software compatibility so in essence we’d get a new Amiga chipset using the latest technology every few years. It would be a bit like how the modern consoles advance – for example the PS1 and PS2. The PS2 is a brand new design using latest technology, but still retains some PS1 compatibility although not 100%.

The Amiga could have been the most advanced home computer money can buy, just as the consoles are marketed as the most advanced gaming systems.

I know there would be problems with this ideal scenario, but just let me dream…………
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