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Best Deal: two A2000, one OpalVision board, two G-Force 040s one with a Guru rom and 32meg GVP sim the other with 4 meg GVP sim, one Personal Amimation Recorder, GVP DSS8+, Chinnon FB357A and a lot of software all for $200.00

Best Free Deal: five A500's with three 1 meg boards, A2000 030, A2500 030, A1200 030, A4000T MKII 060, two NICs, two rtg cards, toaster, Flicker Fixer, A2330, 520 video adapter, a new in box A2000 keyboard, zip drive, squrial scsi, several external cd drives, external hard drives, various switch boxes, keyboards, mice, adapters, a box of cables, a lot of software and books.

Worst deal: #1 Having my A3000 go into a coma (green screen) paying to have it fixed. I had the Agnes socket replaced due to it being cracked the guy did a nice job at replacing the socket but it still did not work. I removed all socketed ram and I still get a green screen. I now think that it is one of the solder on ram chips although none get hot. I hope one day to have another A3000 or get my current one fixed.
#2 Buying ten 2.1 Seagate Baracuda hard drives off of Ebay listed as untested. Eight of them wouldn't spin up and two the heads would just knock. Luckly I didn't pay much for them and got ten nice anti static zip lock bags out of the deal.
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