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Originally Posted by blade002
the faster the tune goes the faster he needs to move that pedal or pedals while he is drumming, hence the reason why he is sweating so much.
That was pretty crappy actually. Watch a good hard core band like NoFx or if they where still around Bad Brains, or Sperm Birds and then you will see speed and sweat. He's not a bad drummer, there was a couple of good rolls in there, but nothing special. He could have made it heaps better by throwing some triplets in with his kick pedal and played some rolls across the toms instead of just playing the ride through all of the bridges.

Originally Posted by Ultron
Ok, is this only a guy drumming to it while the whole tune is karaoed?

Because, really, that's really missing the point. Who cares about the drumming.
What point?

And I think you will find that quite a lot of people care about the drumming. What would a song be without a backbeat? Have a look at a band like Primus, their whole sound revolves around Herb's drumming and Les's bass.

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