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It’s very hard to solve because of your unique hardware setup and only someone with similar devices can test.

All I know is the ClassicWB works fine in WinUAE and on my basic real A1200 (8MB Fastram, 2GB HD), with none of the problems you’ve outlined above.

Is this the latest version of the ClassicWB? If so, have you tried disabling FBlit from the tools menu? FBlit is a big patch (replaces blitter with CPU) and the first thing I’d try removing especially with the icon problem you’ve mentioned.

Another method is to remove non-standard options one-by-one from the user-startup file by placing “ ; “ in front of them and see if it helps. There are very few patches and non-standard entries on top of the required Scalos and MUI, so finding a conflicting entry shouldn’t take long.

If no solutions seem to be surfacing and since you say all of these issues started after installing the ClassicWB, it’s unlikely to be faulty hardware. I’d remove it and start your own Workbench. Something must be conflicting with your particular setup or perhaps before installing the ClassicWB you’d changed partition sizes and the parameters are not correct for the large drive (maxtransfer too large, partition size and boot limitations exceeded etc).

If you can’t get it stable, I’d start building your own Workbench from scratch or install OS 3.5/9. Anything rather than letting your A1200 rot in the corner!
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