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A1200 Workbench Problems/Hardware Probs?

I should have posted this a long time ago, because its been happening ever since i installed ClassicWB by Bloodwych.

My current hardware setup is:

Phase 5 Blizzard 030/50
32 meg fast, 2 meg chip
CD Rom Drive
40 gig Internal 2.5 inch HD
3.1 Rom Chips

I actually have the my CD Rom Drive sitting in a mini tower case with its own power supply, and a data cable that was modified by Amiga Technologies back in 1997 that runs from the CD drive ( obviously ) into a 2 way ide connector into the A1200 that also connects to the Hard Drive. I power up the tower and then i turn on the 1200 for it to boot.

Problem #1:
Sometimes when the 1200 boots to workbench, i find that all the icons have turned into little grey squares, including the Hard Drive icons, and the rest of screen has gone into a plain grey, whilst the Copper background also will not execute ?.

Other times when i load it up, all the icons are perfect, but the Copper program to give the colour gradient will not execute.

And then there are times when it all loads perfectly and there isnt a single problem?. this may be on my first initial boot, or it may take mulitple machine resets for it to work properly?

Problem #2: When im transfering files from CD to the hardrive, it sometimes goes into the yellow guru, and i have also found that the files dont always transfer completely across even when there has not been a yellow or red guru. Mostly its yellow though.

Problem #3: Why is it, that my Amiga will not boot unless i have the tower powered up that houses the CD Drive? If i turn the Amiga on only, it will not boot ??... but if the Tower is switched on, the Amiga will always boot?.

Also it wont boot when i first turn the Amiga on after a cold boot. It always takes 1 reset for it to start loading from the HD. My guess for that is that the HD is spinning up.

Anyway, i will try to supply some pictures soon, to let you know how it looks.

I really need help with this, because i miss the days when i used to have my A1200 setup to perfection, and now i feel its just rotting in the corner of the loungeroom when its like this.

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