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eBay-based Amiga rip offs!

I'll start with this one:

I got my adaptor cards for about $ he's installed copywrited (and easily downloaded, should you be so inclined) material and included a $10 CF card...hardly worth it!

Notice the horisontal blurring of the image...he's purposely moved the camera side-to-side when taking the pic, so as to make it impossible for anyone to easily identify the adaptor as one they've already seen (or might see) on eBay for only a few bucks.

Link the nasty stuff you've seen and let's out these rip off merchants!

For what it's worth, I've seen a member of this forum selling CF/PCMCIA adaptor setups + software...his pricing schedule is much better & well within the limits of what you'd consider reasonable

*edit* - Oh, and take a peek at the CF card...looks like he found it in the gutter, it sure ain't fact on closer inspection the sticker looks like it's been peeled if it's from another CF card!


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