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Ahh amiga, amiga , amiga

Hehe my main machine at home (at the moment) is an A4000 with an Apollo 060 acc card, CyberVision 64 gfx card, 64 Mb ram, network card and a 8gig harddrive ..

My other machine (wich aint working at the moment.. ):
Amiga 1200 in a PowerTower, 230Mhz power pc acc card (Phase5), 64 Mb ram, 8 gig harddrive and a pcmcia network card ... This machine also got a cd-burner ..

Im going to fix the 1200 and maybe buy a PCI inteface for it ... (Ill go for the Mediator, wohoo cheap network, gfx, tv and sound cards !!! Why didnt they release this interface in 95 or 96 ?? )...
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