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Typical situation where people haven't got a clue about games (i.e. marketing and management) simply latch onto the "buzz" thing of the moment.

I remember quite clearly that Sony originally didn't want Worms on the original Playstation because it wasn't 3D.

And thats exactly the problem, whilst 3D games such as Tomb Raider are good in their own right, that doesn't then mean that all games will suddenly benefit from being in 3D.

I'm sure todays kids are a bit more savvy than the games industry gives them credit for, but they are too scared to put money into anything that doesn't conform to the latest fad.

Hence why we will see Fifa 2030 if we let them!

Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario were a big deal on Genesis and SNES, so long as the game is right and good, there is nothing wrong with 2D stuff, the DS Lite is proving that quite conclusively that 2D games are every bit as playable as their 3D brethren.

The other problem is, most programmers these days are university graduates who don't necessarily have a gaming background other than to appy their newly learnt skills in an industry that will pay. The management of a lot of the software companies also don't necessarily come from a gaming background.

I think Tomb Raider is a fine game, but do I really want to be playing it still in 5 years time because a software company is too scared to try a little something different?

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