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Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Arrow Total Chaos AGA = Interlace Forever!

Total Chaos AGA:
All versions use interlace mode throughout the entire game. Causes no eyestrain.

Interlace does not cause eyestrain. If it did then nobody could watch TV since TV signals are interlaced.

Only thin horizonatal high contrast lines cause visible flickering in interlace mode. So if you have a game with 256 colors or more with properly designed graphics then there is no problem.

Total Chaos OCS: Wizard War II (No HOL entry) uses interlace on "Information Screens" only. Looks nice. No eyestrain.

I have other games which are interlaced and DO cause terrible eyestrain due to they only use 8 or 16 colors and are badly layed out with lots of high contrast horizontal lines that flicker more than a 70's disco.

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