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Originally Posted by killergorilla
But 3D is the best now, 2D is old and rubbish.
2D is a style, just like 3D is a style; that is, there is nothing 'old' in 2D just due to the fact that the hardware made 3D-games more or less impossible to create back in the days. If a game is better suited to be played in 2D (or pseudo 3D with a locked perspective to make it play like an old 2D game while offering some 3D-graphics still) it should be designed that way. To go 3D just for the sake of it just feels plain stupid, according to me.

Castlevania has tried now... 5 times, is it? But still none of the titles in 3D has managed to impress many... while the 2D ones being released almost on a yearly basis still catchtes the hearts of the reviewers and the gamers.

Update: Oh, and this is said no matter wether what I quoted was written in an ironic sense or not...


Update 2: Oh, and I just realised I am adding nothing new to this discussion. Shame on me.
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