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Turrican maybe coming to Playstation Network

Originally Posted by Gameinformer
GI: What about bringing some of your older titles over on that?
Eggebrecht: in the context of what I mentioned there, which was EDI titles specifically for the first-party initiative, I donít think that the current thinking from Phil Harrison is that under the worldwide studios umbrella he wants to see too many straight ported older titles. Having said that though, youíve seen Midwayís announcement. The network platform is open to everybody, so there are other routes of releasing that content on network platform, and Iím sure that itís going to come. We have been in some talks about rereleasing some of our old Turrican titles for the platform, but nothingís been finished yet. Iíd love to do it.
Good news I'm sure, although I have never been that impressed with the Turrican games.
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